PAMELA HART is author of the award-winning collection, MOTHERS OVER NANGARHAR, published in 2019 by Sarabande Books. She  is writer-in-residence at the Katonah Museum of Art where she manages and teaches an arts-in-education program. She received the Brian Turner Literary Arts Prize in poetry in 2016. She was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts poetry fellowship as well as a fellowship from the SUNY Purchase College Writers Center. Toadlily Press published her chapbook, The End of the Body. She is a teaching artist in the schools and lives in North Salem, New York. She is a poetry editor for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project and for As You Were: The Military Review.

MOTHERS OVER NANGARHAR moves through its mazy, crazed world of intimate and global conflict, exterior and interior pain, searching and assured. It is a beautiful, strong, and vulnerable work for our beautiful, strong, and increasingly vulnerable world.
— Rowan Ricardo Phillips


MOTHERS OVER NANGARHAR is like no book of poetry I’ve read. It tells of the mothers whose “beautiful and dangerous” children and partners fight our world’s wars. Their emotions are difficult to imagine, but we don’t need to imagine them, since these poems deliver them with lyric precision directly to our hearts.  — Kathleen Ossip, The Do-Over

Hart reveals and maps the layered psychological strata of the stateside terrain, war’s home front. This collection is part of a necessary dialogue on war and conflict that stretches from one generation to another now, and yet rarely makes the nightly news or the kitchen table. Thankfully, Hart refuses to add to the silence. — Brian Turner, Here, Bullet